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Interstellar 10

In 2014, Roger received a call from Hans Zimmer, asking if he, and the organ of Temple Church, would be involved with the recording of the organ part for the soundtrack of the film Interstellar.

This has been one of the most productive collaborations of Roger's musical career, and as it is now coming up to the 10th anniversary, Roger is delighted to be performing the score to audiences around the world.

The Score

Roger was involved in the development of the organ score as it was being recorded, and is now performing a score taken from the original soundtrack, originally created for Interstellar Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Many organists are now playing this music, but as the organist involved in its original creation, Roger is delighted to be able to share this unique score with audiences.


Roger has already been performing the Interstellar score across the world in recitals this year.

If you would like to hear Roger tell his story and play this unique arrangement of the original score, especially in its 10th anniversary year, please do get in touch.

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